How Does One Go about Selecting a POOL? Objective Analysis

First question should u pool or solo, well at 30EB chia XCH would require 30k plots for a daily win of one xch; R U there? R less then U want to be on a pool, so u can win daily.

Then u go look at the stat’s and see which pools are winning the chia, if you want to win, u hang out with winners, if you want to earn zero, then u hang out with losers; All pools are like this ETHereum, and Bitcoin; They all have top 2-3 pools that earn +90% of the coin;

In the case of CHIA there is only one pool at 80% of the wins, and that is HPOOL.CO; there are a few brother chinese pools associated with hpool at 3-4%, then there only pool that is western that come close is core-pool at 3% of pool space; Now the problem, politics aside, you wouldn’t go with any pool that isn’t winning +50% of all coin, cuz losers a share of zero, is still zero.

So that’s it, mark the mining stat site on your bookmarks, and keep watching, just maybe when pigs fly one of these new ‘official pools’ might start winning some serious coin; Given it hasn’t happened in the past, is a good indication that the future is dim.

In summary there is no way in hell these new pools can ever overcome, this is like starting a race, months after the winners already crossed the finish line.

U know who has been filling the CHIA world with “HOPIUM” for +4 months wait for the ‘official pools’ well they’re here, and it like all of us old time Crypto Miners knew, hopium was not going to put humpty-dumpty back on the wall.

Chia was broken long ago, when they failed to have pools ready at launch, they failed when the CHINESE IOU process sent the price to $1600 USD prior to mainnet 5may2021; The failed when the CHINESE Chia Pool HPOOL was up & running before CHIA even went mainnet.

[ This is an important fact, 70% of the factors influencing CHIA are out of the control of HOFFMAN&COHEN, they don’t control the price, they don’t control the #1 POOL, they don’t control whether people stay with classic-OG plots or embrace NFT, it can be said that CHIA-NET is a rudderless ship at sea. ]

Things are what they are. CHIA-NET still wins, they still own the CHIA space now near 40EB and will continue to rise, while I concur everybody needs a rest or “Re-Plotting” and FUD, and Dis-Info and cult like censorship; People need to step back evaluate; In the meantime the XCH price will continue to plummet for the simple reason that Chinese investors are the ones who made the price go up, and now they want their money back, for better investments.

Space pool is winning about every 40-50 mins, and with what I’ve currently plotted (40TB) is paying me out more than once a day. I picked it because it was the official protocol pool that seemed to be winning the most, and had a non-broken interface.

Replotting isn’t ideal but it’s not like I threw my plotting systems away, I can do over 100 plots a day now, so 2nd time plotting will be much faster.

I have no idea what it is that you hope to achieve with this rather silly rant, but since I’m in the office with nothing better to do I’m going to respond to it.

If you have a look at at the mining pool stats, you can see that all the old pools have levelled off and are starting on their steady decine.
Most of the new pools using the official protocol, are increasing their size like crazy.

Given it hasn’t happened in the past, is a good indication that the future is dim

What past? Pool protocol is like one week old

Hpool has already announced that they will launch with the official protocol soon.
Maybe some “old style” pools will remain for a while for people who are unwilling or able to replot, other than that, they are finished and they know it.

Not having pools ready (in hindsight) was quite bad. I’m sure that had their reasons to launch when they did though. for the rest, see next point.

That’s the whole idea of a decentralized system…not having a centralized entity in control

Also, there is no need to be in a pool that has 50% of wins - you just have to be in a pool that gets a non-zero amount of wins in a reasonable amount of time, since in a bigger pool you’ll have a lesser share.

No different from any other crypto pooling.