How does one utilize the db file found in the downloads section?

hey all

looking for a way to get chia on line sooner rather than later.
the ui has been running for 36 hours and the full node sync is sitting at 254,076 out of 3,809,137.
At this rate I’ll die of old age before it completes (I’m 66 yrs old lol)

While downloading the various binaries for different OS’s I came across a file named blockchain_v2_mainnet.2023-03-04.sqllite.gz. I downloaded this file via torrent hoping it might expedite the sync process. After I backed up the original files I restored this to the database folder, renamed it to the original and launched the chia gui.

Sadly my efforts weren’t successful. Is there a procedure that outlines how to do this or am I s.o.l. ?


You came across it from where?

From the gz file?
What was in the gz file?

How so?
Errors? Still a long way for syncing? Not syncing at all?

…is the only place I would feel comfortable with for obtaining a copy of the database.

There is a torrent option near the lower section of the page.

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Ok sorry guys, false alarm. After about 20 minutes, all the animated icons went away and the app started sync’ing starting around 3.3 mil.

Call me a impatient new user.


Glad your sorted.


We were only asking where you got this db file, because there was malware circulating at some point from “db downloads”.

Welcome to Chia :slight_smile:

When you throw in a new database file there are other files also impacted by it, in that same directory, the height-to-hash and sub-epoch-summaries will no longer match since they were tied to your old database, so you in essence have to recreate that data, while the file sizes are small, it runs through the WHOOOOOLE database to do so.

This is why it took you a while and when things can go wrong for many who copy databases over then don’t wait for things to happen, this is when monitoring disk/cpu activity will let you know something is going on and you have to wait more than the instant gratification we are used to with so many things.

P.S. in the future, don’t forget to make periodic backups locally with the “chia db backup” command, you can now do this on a running node so you don’t have to take it down to copy any files, it will create a new one where you tell it to, like another drive. (but you will still have to recreate those other files should you end up using your backup at some point)