How i'm gonna choose a pool

heya everyone

today was already looking for the existing pools out there.

we know that we can change pools as we want,
but have a question, how choose the right one?

Here’s some 4 topics how I’m gonna choose, before the official release.

  1. Quality of the presentation website
    the more professional it looks, the better. Check if all the important information is there, tools, blog, contact info, etc.

  2. The importance of the page “About Us”
    Everyone likes to know who’s in charge, transparency is a must, go for the ones that show the info of the individuals in charge.

  3. The fees charged and how payments are gonna be distributed
    if the previous 2 points are meet, of course you need how much you gonna be charged.

  4. Looks if they already established in other cryptos
    If they already have pools for other cryptos, check how they work, check all info, if you can talk with other people about they experience with them

there other ways to check if we should trust a pool. and how to choose one.

wanna share your opinion, how you gonna choose a pool?

EDIT: just saw forum have a new category “pools”, can someone move this topis there?


I honestly have no idea, the only people I know who also plots are my local friend, and he too, have no idea on which pool he would be joining.

If anything else I’d join the forum’s pool as people here seems much more helpful than the other chia based communities I’ve been lurking in

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Security and privacy is also another thing to consider.


Weirdly enough reputable pools aren’t getting into Chia. We will be the first pool outside China to do so.

Many new pools are proposed and it’ll be interesting how things turn out.

It will be interesting to see how xch will be distributed because there would be so many factors to take into consideration.

With gpu mining its way more predictably