How is the HDD market in your area?

I was wondering how the hdd market is doing everywhere.

Here in Holland there is still quite a bit available, but prices have definately gone up.

Two weeks ago I was still able to find deals on 12tb disks for 2.2 cents/GB but now thats more like 3 cents minimum. If you do find a reasonable deal, delivery times are often 2 weeks or more.

18TB drives have been expensive or sold out. Return to stock “unknown”


Drives are quickly disappearing here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’d say $30/TB (USD) seems to be the floor unless you’re willing to go down to 6TB drives, and I suspect even those 6TB drives will be all gone within 1 week.

My mistake - 8TB drives are pretty much sold, but tonnes of 6TB drives remain available. I don’t think 6TB will sell out afterall. If they do, that will definitely be a sure sign of retail hard-drive insanity.

Prices are increasing really fast here in Germany, pretty much impossible to get even 12TB external drives for less than 20€/TB now. Anything with more capacity than that has such a huge markup that it doesn’t make any sense to buy.

I bought 5 12TB WD My Book for 200€ a piece at the end of April, the exact same ones are now going for more than 270€.

disc stock shortages accumulate and prices soar at an impressive speed it is very problematic for the future
it’s the same in France

In Ukraine we have 2-3 times price growing on HDDs. And all big HDDs disappered from sales.

Here in Chicago we’re not so bad. The best deal is MicroCenter with some Seagate 8TB drives on sale, but they’re limiting to one per customer. BB has 14TB WD drives still, but the price per TB is higher.

Overall I’m seeing everyone sold out of 10+TB USB drives unless they’re in local stores. I managed to get enough to keep me plotting for the next couple weeks before I switch to pure farming.

I just got an update on my order that I placed on May 2nd for 2x Exos 12TB
new delivery date 01-jan-2022…

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prices have jacked >20%
8TB and above all sold out, left with ponies 6TB and below.