How many Chia Plots do you have?


I am interested in how many Chia Plots you have, how much TiB that is, how long you have been plotting/farming and how many XCH you have won.

Plot count for all harvesters: 2128
Total size of plots: 210.632 TiB
Estimated network space: 29.314 EiB
Expected time to win: 1 month

Chia won: 4
Time doing Chia ~ 1 month

How to get that info?
You can just Windows-Key + R on your keyboard, type powershell, press enter

enter (just copy it from here)
cd AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.2.1\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon

into the powershell, press Enter

and enter
.\chia farm summary

and press enter to get the info I posted above.