How many plots can I fit in my HDD?

I know you can use the excellent tools like or but I like having things written down in a table for quick & easy lookup :mag_right:.

TB K32 K33
2 18 9
4 36 18
6 55 27
8 73 36
10 91 45
12 110 55
14 128 64
16 146 73
18 165 82

*I’m only showing k32 and k33 as it doesn’t really makes sense to plot anything else at this time.

How was this calculated?

I used the units command line.

For example units '18TB / 101.4GiB' return 165.32353 which means you can fit 165 k32 plots in an 18TB HDD.


Hi, thank you for simplifying it. Is there any reason to not include hdd bigger than 18TB? Are these worse for plots?

I have the different value using

From my understanding, you need to convert 101.4 GiB to GB first, so we can compare the same unit.
In this case TB / GB, NOT TB/GiB

101.4 GiB = 108.9 GB

units does the conversion for us :wink:

  • units '18TB / 101.4GiB' ≈ 165
  • units '18TB / 101.4GB' ≈ 177
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It will be a little less. Your calculation doesn’t account for the file system overhead. :wink:

oh. it’s not a combination of K32 and K33, but just how many of 100% k32 or 100% k33. gotcha

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The game is to pick the best file system to reach those numbers :wink:

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When you format in Linux, you can remove some of that overhead with -m 0 when using mkfs and tune2fs.

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I have an 18tb (ext4) which says it’s 77% full (4.1 TB free) with only 66 plots. Completely full means I’ll only have 103 plots, not 165. Have I done something wrong here?

Maybe you made a 32bit volume by accident?

Nope. The drive was just a mess - could farm on the 66 plots, but the rest of the drive was labeled unallocated even though it was formatted Ext4. Tried to keep my 66 plots but had to trash them and reformat. Only doing this to learn Linux and hadn’t earned any Chia anyway. Thanks for your reply and good luck to you.