How much is a chia farm worth?

I have a nossd farm that makes $6 a day or $2100 a year, how much is it worth?
Uses 300W- 360W

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Depends on how much someone pays for electricity and the XCH price.

I am thinking, if it was a bond then $40000, if it was a stock then $20000, but it can’t be that since, well, no-one would pay that!

Maybe that what you get in a year. You will loose a lot of money selling that farm. Chia is a big question mark what comes in future. No finance to founders so they sold a lot of Chia and price went down. This is bad timing to sell Chia farm. What kind of plots do you have? Does new owner need to replot all? Just keep mining and hope that Chia price goes up and try to sell then, in every option you will loose money.

With nossd the plots are transferable I think.

How about the formula
Farm worth = 10 x ( $ per year - 3 x watts )

So mine currently is 10 x ($2500 - 3 x 400W) = $13000

I’ve paid more than that for the 500TB of disks but then I had 3 years of profits out already. I don’t think the plots are worth anything, maybe a few cents each… $300?

With the halving coming up: in about a month your $6 will be $3. But the answer is always the same: a farm is worth the value of its HDDs. Prices change in different geos: but in general that’s about $10/TB (or less in the US).

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Yes, at that point I’ll be losing money and will have to sell the farm for scrap - maybe $10 per TB will seem lucky at that time

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