How should i set this machine up

I have a intel xenon e5 2680 dual processor, 10 core each, 20 threads each. 64 ram. Thunderbolt pci card , 980 ssd x’s 2, bunch of drives, running win10 plotting thru madmax.
Ive run alot of attempts and cant get my time under 1 hr. Tried 256- 512. Anyone??? I dont think under a hr is a big deal with this machine but i cant get it to happen.
at the moment this is what im trying:
chia plot -n -1 -r 20 -u 512 (tried -v 156 with it) -t g:\ -d m:\ -w -f ’ keys’ -c ’ keys’

Those are 8 core 16 thread according to Intel specs.

Make sure hyperthreading is enabled in bios, tell madmax to use all 32 hardware threads rather than 20, make sure CPUs aren’t thermal throttling - checking all these things made my dual Xeon rig run under 1 hr (dual X5670, 24G RAM), your setup should be better than mine.

Ah if you have the E5-2680 v2, that’s 10 core 20 threads - in that case tell madmax to use 40 threads

Looks like you use only one nvme as temp dir? I would use one for each, -t and -2
Suggest dont use -w, no need unless you have really slow copy times.
-r 38 or 40

How much ram do you have? If 128 or more, use ramdisk for -2

I run 2x2680v2, 256gb ram (110 used for ramdisk), 1tb nvme.
-r 38, -t(ssd) -2(ramdisk) -d(sata hdd)

Plot time 28-29 minutes
(Ubuntu 20.04)

This is a system with goodcustom cooling and atx motherboard though, not a regular server setup.

I figured out why im so slow. Its got 800 mhz ram in it. Gonna have to upgrade. Anyone got any good deals on ddr3 ram…

You can likely use registered memory.

Registered ddr3 is pretty cheap on ebay.
1600 is pretty common, i have that to