How the Farmer can see the harvester Drives?

it seems that i am connected to the farmer but I can not see the Plots there. now I think that the farmer does not see the Harvester Drives! Does anyone know how that works?
thank you

Farmer that is remote to the harvester won’t “see” the plots. Set log level to INFO and read debug.log on the harvester to confirm you see messages like:

2021-05-17T17:18:38.118 harvester harvester_server        : INFO     <- new_signage_point_harvester from peer fabde2303e8aa073d9df1d68b23a6588d2cf90cab1d03b4136c4c63403945894 FARMER-IP
2021-05-17T17:18:38.149 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO     0 plots were eligible for farming 5558e07dcc... Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.03047 s. Total 506 plots
2021-05-17T17:18:38.149 harvester harvester_server        : INFO     -> farming_info to peer FARMER-IP fabde2303e8aa073d9df1d68b23a6588d2cf90cab1d03b4136c4c63403945894

You can also run chia farm summary and chia plots check on the harvester to confirm it’s happy with the plots.

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I found that if you put at least one plot on the full node, the “Last Attempted Proof” section will appear in the Farming overview of the chia client.

It then shows the last 5 Challenges, including the ones of your harvester(s).

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Thank you for the replies.
the problem was that i did not include the drives in the harvester that has the completed plots. I added them from the CLI now i can see everything

I just need a confirmation.
On my farm overview , I don’t see all the plots that i have on my harversters only from the local one (3 machines).
But I can see in last attempted proof that it’s used.
Is it the normal behaviour ?

Yes that’s normal behavior.

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