How to add plot to queue using RPC API or CLI?

Hey friends,

how does one add a plot to a queue, using either the RPC API or the CLI? It seems chia plots create starts plotting immediately, whereas all I want is to ensure that my queue never runs empty. Thanks!

With chia plots create command you can provide -n [number of plots] argument. If you set it to a high value you can keep running for a long time. That command will create a single queue and will create 1 plot at a time.

Thanks! Do you know of a way to add to an existing queue where some plots are already queued?

Well, interestingly GUI manages to do that. As long as you provide the same queue name.

But there is no mention of queue name in the CLI reference: CLI Commands Reference · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

So not sure how the GUI is doing it.

Would be nice to know if somebody who knows how posts it.

That’s why I’m asking since the GUI is perfectly capable of doing it.

Yeah, looks like “queue” is a GUI concept. I guess your best bet is to give -n a very large number so that it always runs.

I’ve checked file in the installation directory but could not see any validation on that field. So I assume there is no maximum value (except the maximum value of an integer in Python).

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