How to config madmax to use specific threads?

How to config madmax to use specific threads? For example, I have 12 threads and want it to skip 0 and 1. If I run -r 10 it will use 0-9.

HI @electroboyz ,

Are you using Windows?

Here is a video with answer to your question, assuming you are on Windows:

Yes I am on Windows but I need a command line.

To get a command line in Windows 10 right click the start button and select Windows Power Shell.

He is not asking how to open power shell but for command. Sometimes silence is the gold.

yeah that’s the way, you don’t really care is it 0-1 threads or 10-11th. It’s all very conditionally, but if you have to free up some CPU time for other tasks then yeah… don’t use one/two cores (two/four threads) for plotting.

Power shell is the command line. How do you get to the command line?

Your silence is gold comment is very apt.

He was asking for the command!!! You should start taking your time to think before saying something.

You can be sure I will never help you again.

Then nothing will change.

I found this using “start” command (did not check myself through):

Basically you need to make a binary definition of which cores you want to use, and then convert it to a hexadecimal number. For example, if you have 8 logical cores, to use all of them, the binary number will be: 11111111. If you want to skip core 0 and 1, then: 11111100

Convert it to hex: 11111100 = FC


Well, found my solution here.
Btw I didnt ask how to get to a command line console but a specific command line to be used with my issue

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This one should work too but it’s quite complicated