How to exchange Stably USDSC to USDT or another stable coin?

Taking advantage of the decentralized exchanges in which the XCH coin is integrated, I have accumulated a certain amount of Stably USD Classic (USDSC) coins which are avaible in my Chia wallet. This option is very convenient as it allows conversion directly in the wallet itself.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any possibility for these coins to be transferred to an exchange where they can be transferred to USDT or some other stable coin.
My ultimate goal is to be able to withdraw this amount in fiat coins.

Please advise me how to proceed?

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It appears even Stably has finally dumped USDS classic so if you can still make a play on TibetSwap or built in DEX or something and get Chia back, you could hop back over to a regular centralized exchange to cash out that way.

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Swap back to XCH, then send it someplace that handles XCH+fiat+USDT (like


Apparently the only way is to exchange USDSC back to XCH.
Thanks for the tips!

stably is suppose to still back it, they just say they are waiting on whatever legal crap is going on with prime. considering only like 90K of USDS was even minted seems they should just cash us out.