How to join pool?

Hi, im new to this and i dont understand few things…
i have setup ploting rigs, i have about 30 plots and do i need to join pool or what? do i get whole chia or fractions? under connections i have farmer port 8447, full node 8444, full node 8444, and wallet port 8449 so do i need to add something? im confused… is this similiar as gpu mining where i get fractions of coin on pool? can someone please explain…

There’s no pools yet, you’ll have to wait until the Chia team announces pool support. :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok but where im farming than? do i need to add something in conections?

None of that infrastructure is available yet, so we don’t know.

But… just as a heads up, any plots you make now can not be used in pools at all, so if you’re plotting quickly so you can put your plots in a pool then that’s not going to work.

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