How to Make Compressed Plots?

Figured I’d get around to replotting since I know compressed plots are a thing now. But curious how do I actually do it? I want to use the official chia version of it, not a third party one charging a dev fee.

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Hasn’t been released yet for Chia.


Well then you will have a very long wait.

Think “doing it” is what you need to learn, not based on who made it. The 3rd party method I’m confident will be similar to the official version, whenever it does come out. Can’t learn something that doesn’t exist to try.

Once you learn to ride a bike, the bike doesn’t matter very much. Just learn before the rush.

Hasn’t madmax released hisbplotter

The MMX version, not the Chia version.

Nope. Max didn’t release plotter for compressed plots in Chia.
He released plotter for cryptocurrenty that he is developing and it is integrated with MMX binnaries and for me works like charm, K32 compressed plot under 90 seconds.

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What kind of H/W do you have? How many HDs you use as target drives?

256GB of DDR4 RAM, RTX4070Ti and fast U.2 drive (can be M.2 or SSD NVMe) for temp data. And builtin 10Gbit Ethernet card (Aquantia) to fast copy created plots to 5-10 HDDs simultanously on Farmer that is directly connected via crossover cable.

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