How to plot when you can't buy hard drives any more?

I want to plot, but… the world is bereft of hard drives!

What’s a Chia plotter to do?! Anyone want to sell me some sweet, hot 18tb drives?

I got a few hard drives and pci cards off Amazon since the price was cheap. Only issue is they are back ordered so they will take some time. One of the cards I got for 70 and the listing was updated to 200 now. Crazy how prices are going up, might make cloud storage cheaper pretty soon :crazy_face:

I’ve been buying 14TB off BestBuy at like $30/TB :tired_face:. Rewards kinda add up, but it still hurts. At about 200 total. Want to get to an petabyte but I need to earn a few more coins before I make the plunge.

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There was a link. You can check this shop with your money ))))

I don’t think buying from Poland → USA is a good idea :wink:

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BUY - no, but RENT - yes.
28 TB ( 2 disks x 14 tb ) per month, on server, how much you willing to pay ?
Can help to plot with your key.

Yeah that’s going to be a no for me, dog.


25/tb :confused:

Seagate Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Laptop And Mac, 1-Year Rescue Service (STGY8000400), Black

Here in Argentina we are paying +340 USD per 8tb drive. It sucks, hard