How to remove unprotected keys once safely migrated to new keyring.yaml

First post here but I’ve been following for months and a big thank you to the community for all the advice and help I’ve picked up so far.

Now, this is a question I don’t think I’ve seen answered (I have searched here and elsewhere)

Since upgrading to V1.2.10 I added a passphrase as expected to protect the keys and a keyring.yaml was created as described in the Chia WIKI notes. A it states in the notes: Passphrase Protected Chia Keys and Key Storage Migration · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

The GUI migration will not remove the old unprotected keys (forthcoming feature) but the CLI migration does give that option.

So, I’ve migrated my keys using the GUI but would like to find and remove the old keys manually, the wiki notes just describe where they are as the “previous location” and doesn’t give a hint on how to do this manually. I’m probably overlooking the obvious so apologies to all if I am but I’d really appreciate some help if anyone has done or knows how to do this correctly.

Updated to say I’m running on Ubuntu and using the official prebuilt .deb install @ V1.2.11