How to sell chia

Hi! Just wonder once a new chia coin is in my wallet, what is the next step to sell it?

Thanks in advance!

Next step is to hodl, why would you sell when we are in the beginning of a great journey?

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Just curious! Still need to work on my first chia :slight_smile:
Thanks though I’ll look into Hodl now

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fyi HODL is an acronmyn in crypto circles that stands for Hold On for Dear Life. :laughing:

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Maybe to re invest into some new hardware or drives for more Chia in the future. That’s my plans atleast.

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It may or may not yet be legal to exchange XCH for fiat currency (U.S. Dollars, Euros, etc.) in your region (for example I have not found an exchange that is approved by the State of Washington in the U.S.) but this topic has a list of some that are currently trading Chia:

Thanks everyone for the insight and direction. I’ll have to keep an ear out for an exchange in Aus and Hodl until things become more clear :slight_smile:

Now, back to feeding my plotting rig terabytes

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Can anyone who has actually sold XCH post here and describe it step by step? I’m curious how it works…


Think we’ve got a coinswap thread that went through how to sell…?

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Ah, can you link to it? I haven’t seen it. Does it have step by step instructions? @zogstrip posted a walkthrough here: