How to send transaction in chia?

I am using this method to send transactions send_transaction. Api : . But, I am getting this following error.
“error”: “Wallet needs to be fully synced before sending transactions”,
“success”: false
} even though, I my wallet is fully synced. Please, any help?

./chia wallet send -t [address] -i [yourwalletID]- f [yourfingerprint]

Thank for your response. But this is command line. I am developing mobile app for chia and I have to do it using some api methods. Could you help me? I want to use this method. 12.2 Full Node API | Chia Documentation

Are you using API or RPC?

I am using full node REST API

You’ll likely be able to get better help from the Developers Forum here:

Are you just running lite wallet or full node? Just checking in case :slight_smile:

I am running lite wallet.