How To start Chia Farming on Machinaris in UnRaid (runs in a docker on any OS also)

Machinaris is what I started out with at the beginning and I have decided to move my farming operations to it so I can have direct attached storage. I had some very poor lookup times on plots and qualities and have cut those by a third vs going over a network share. WOW It has really improved and has a lot of added features.

Machinaris is a sweet looking and to my knowledge the most encompassing management tool for single and multiple machine farming plotting and harvesting of Chia. They also support Flax, Chives, HDDCoin out of the box. Chiadog being built in gives you alerts in case you run into issues.


Cool videos on your channel, i subscribed a while back. I’m tyring to follow this Machinaris install and not going so smooth on my end. I am using docker. I’m painfully up to the setup screen on port 8926. After entering in my 24 words code it seems to hang and the button just has the spinning thing forever. Any recommendations for me to look into? I didn’t have the Chia client open … also it is currently awaiting the long process on syncing. Could that cause the setup to hang?

Good day! I’m the author of Machinaris. Looks like there is a defect in the key import process in latest version. I’ll fix it asap. However, you can simply edit a file at ~/.machinaris/mnemonic.txt, paste your Chia mnemonic passphrase, then restart the container. This is all the WebGUI’s Import process does. Hope this helps!



The legend himself! Great to hear from you! Thank you for sharing about the bug with the import key and the work-around. I happened to hack out the solution just as you were posting. Super easy fix, thank you again for the reply as well as the kick-ass GUI controls!


For reference if anyone is looking for more spelled out steps:

  • open Notepad app
  • enter in 24 word passphrase. just spaces between the words.
  • save as mnemonic.txt
  • move the new txt file into the directory … /users/(username)/.machinaris/
  • open powershell app
    ** enter command to change directory to the location where the original downloaded machinaris files are. ex.: “cd C:\Users\PAVou\Downloads\machinaris-0.5.7 (1)\machinaris-0.5.7”
  • enter the command “docker-compose stop machinaris”
  • enter the command “docker restart machinaris”
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One of the key benefits of Chia is that we all now know how to spell mnemonic (most of use already did, but some like me are on the speling boat late)

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lolololol! :crazy_face: yeah, I’ve gotten pretty good at spelling mnemonic without correction!

If only I was the of the peeps who could remember all 24 words in order, lolz!

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