How to use rsync with fallocate in xfs V4?

Hello everyone, there has been an error while copying the plot file recently

Rsync: [receiver] do'fallocate "/mnt/4-1/plot k32-c07-2024-02-12-09-54-643b8ff62db78c36974df078b7048e73deb60afbc4600798414c. plot": Operation not supported (95)

I used NFS4.2 to mount disks for network replication, and the replication tool used was plow. (Please don’t ask me why ssh copy id is not suitable)
This error is always prompted when pre allocating space, and the file system on the server is xfsv4.
I searched for a long time but couldn’t find the reason. Please help me

I’m not a Linux specialist (I haven’t used it for a long time). Most often, with these types of errors, in file operations, there is something wrong with the name, spaces, extension, etc.