How to use Swar for ploting NFT pooling plot?

Doesnt seem to have the option to add plot NFT written in the config

New merge happened about an hour ago GitHub - swar/Swar-Chia-Plot-Manager: This is a Cross-Platform Plot Manager for Chia Plotting that is simple, easy-to-use, and reliable.

There’s a commented out example under the “jobs:” section that lets you put in your pool contract address.

Looks like this should do the trick, no?

Can we just add this line in the config, or is an update needed?

For me it doesn’t seem to work to just add pool_contract_address: in the yaml of the plotter.

It doesn’t seem to have any effects on the plots

You can plotting with Swar to nft pool? I update my Swar, edit my config but it make solo plot yet. Do you have any idea?

My config:

  - name: D
    max_plots: 1
    pool_contract_adress: "my pool contract address"
    temporary_directory: D:\
    destination_directory: H:\pool\
    size: 32
    bitfield: true
    threads: 3
    buckets: 128
    memory_buffer: 3390
    max_concurrent: 4
    max_concurrent_with_start_early: 4
    initial_delay_minutes: 0
    stagger_minutes: 120
    max_for_phase_1: 3
    concurrency_start_early_phase: 4
    concurrency_start_early_phase_delay: 0
    temporary2_destination_sync: false
    exclude_final_directory: false
    skip_full_destinations: false
    unix_process_priority: 10
    windows_process_priority: 32
    enable_cpu_affinity: false
    cpu_affinity: [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

Stopped using Swar for some time now, replaced with Madmax

I found the error. I typed the pool_contract_address parameter incorrectly, one “d” in address word. The plots generated as nft pool plot last night so the configuration is perfect now.