Hpool earnings calculator

*Not mine but found it in reddit

“Hidden fees” 20%? What is that?
Sans titre

its the 20% fee that hpool takes
some say its because of the pool underperforming some say just straight up insane profit for them

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seeing from your screenshot you got like 25 tb

they are now saying at the rate the Hpool is growing unless you have 200 or more plots there is no use joining as 0.2XCH payout would take super long

I would say insane profit. they have 30 plus network space, fees should be 1% to 2 %. Few more days to go people will replot with a better and transparent pool.

what im interested in is how correct is that calculator?

this is for hpool what about other “legal” pools

There’s a weird thing about hpool I noticed: their power (and network share) has grown lately, but transactions occur rarely now - if a week ago there was 4-6 per hour, now it’s 1-3.