HPool revenues getting lower and lower every day!

Dear All,

Just a quick note about Hpool.

I was never afraid giving to someone an empty wallet without any personal data, so giving the Hpool one of my seeds was not a real problem.

However the problem seems to be that the revenues get lower and lower; in fact over the last ten days the Hpool Chia calculator has altered the expected revenues by almost 75%.

so going to Hpool gives to someone nothing really tangible and most of all it does not provide any security, because they lower the revenues every second!

And this cannot be really justified due to the overall netspace growth because the ratio between their space and the overall space has not changed so much dramatically!

Thanks for listening! Best of luck to all of you!

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It’s good to see Hpool lower payouts: because everyone knows netspace is increasing. If the rewards weren’t getting smaller, someone is lying to you :slight_smile:

That’s not hpool’s fault. Netspace went up from 14000 to 20000, which means every plot will have only 14/20=70% revenue compared to 10 days ago.

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Ok but ti creates great instability!

And it is against the modern farmers’ trend.

We have as normal farmers guaranteed contracts these days! :slight_smile:

Moreover, their space compared to the overall netspace has not changed that much!

At least officially! :slight_smile:

If the total number of plots raises by 20/14, then the revenue per plot drops by the factor 14/20. Has nothing to do with hpool space compared to netspace or if pool or solo farmer. This happpens to everybody right now. Look at the XCH/TB diagram: https://www.chiaexplorer.com/charts/xchTib

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Yes, the netspace is still growing while daily rewards remain for next 2.75 year, and even halved for every 3 year till 12th year. So clearly reward/TiB farmed is only getting smaller and smaller.
But for hpool, it really depends on its daily XCH output and its farmer capacity.
So far, it looks still proportional to me.

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Did you mean revenue in USD or purely revenue in amount of chia being earned? If you are concerned with the USD conversation…

something else to keep in mind is that the price per chia has gone down about 30% over the last 10 days as well. That is something, in addition to netspace increasing that has lowered the revenue on Hpool.


Great comment and perspective!! Good afternoon @chiajay !

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That’s true! So that is another parameter to keep in mind…

This is a very big fallacy in thinking… What matters is your own space, the number of plots you have. And if you do not generate more new plots every day, then your percentage of the Hpool netspace is dropping daily, hence your dropping earnings.


Well this is not true at all.

I have gone from 200 to 300 plots in 4 days only to see my earnings crippled…

Are you using Hpool? have you seen what has been happening the last 10 days?

I guess not!

Anyway sometimes it is better to watch a game but not playing it! You can comment about it and say really anything fallacious!!!

this is a taste of whats to come when official pools are out. eventually it won’t be worth farming for immediate profits, you will have to work out long term profitability if it’s worth it… proof of space and time is no more. it’s now proof of space only with pooling

I am using Hpool and my daily earnings keep increasing, as well as my total number of plots. And I am plotting ca. 40 per day.
You do not mention anywhere in your question that you are actively plotting, so do not expect us to guess.

I sometimes feel the average user age on this forum is 15 years old. Grow up Apprentice.


My daily settlements seem pretty stable. I did notice you need to restart the hpool miner GUI for it to recognize new plots though.

Really? - I never restarted the miners - it recognized new plots always automatically.

Revenues are stable for me still but I added as many plots % as the network was growing. Clearly expect a drop now reaching my max capa.

There is a setting to automatically load new plots


Thank you for pointing that out. It was clearly labeled and obvious. I don’t know why I didn’t notice it.

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I’m plotting a little faster than your 25pp/d at around 35 and my earning are only just increasing daily. While it may have a little to do with how many wins HPool has, its mostly just related to your total share of the netspace as mehdital said.

You’ve got to plot faster :smiley: Or double check that your plots are loading into the system.

I’m about to hit my 100Tb total storage size, from there its all down hill, hahaha

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Question: What is the purpose of Pointing in Hpool?

I’m about to make my first withdrawal from Hpool.