Hsmr hybrid smr seagate x18z ST18000NM009J

hi . i have many seagate x18z ST18000NM009j . i only can reach 16tb with a linux tool that seller give me few months later after buy . and it not work on linux new version because of device mapper version .
also 4 of drives renamed from ST18000NM009J -2UW101 to ST18000NM009j after power loss and the tools cant recognize drives as zoned storage and i cant do any thing about it . in zonedstorage.io says latest distro of linux support smr hdds like zac and zbc but i cant do any thing about x18z . please help me if there is a way to normal use even in linux of this hdds . i cant directly format or use this hdds . just with tools that make a copy like of them with 16tb .

Put the drive on a Windows machine and run this and erase the disk and run some tests.
. WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics Download (2023 Latest) (filehorse.com)

for renamed drives ? i know these drives not works on windows . in disk managment cant initialize . got an io error . but i will test . you know this type of disk ? seagate didnt even tell me about which system is disks for !!

When you install this WD software click on the drive run test and quick erase the disk. Exit the WD SW, then you can go into disk management and init the disk and format it.

Quick erase stopped with an error cannot delete partition

Which version of windows are you using and what other tools have your tried? Can you connect this disk to another machine and run.

I have also used this in the past.
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Could you run this command:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX status=progress bs=2M

where /dev/sdX is the drive in question. dd will ignore all the partitioning info and will zero out that disk. For 18TB drive, most likely they will run more than 24 h. Once done disk may be usable and basically clean of any previous residue (whether partitioning or formatting)

Although, I am not sure what equivalent of that would be on Win platform.

Probably need to run the software as administrator.