I am seeking an alert

hello guys,
sometimes my local pc shut it down itself and i generally not aware that. do you have any script for that ?
example; when my pc shutdown or restart itself script or app send me an alert on whatsapp or telegram.
thank you.

Which operating system are you running?

And does it shut down (power off), or does it restart (reboot)?

i am using windows 8.
both, sometimes its restart itself, sometimes its shutdown itself.

The flexpool app sends you a notification when one of your farmers is offline. I have my farmer plugged to a smart switch that I can control from anywhere in the world. Just set your pc to always power on on power loss and recovery and the chia farmer to automatically start on boot.

What I might consider next is have my openwrt router continuously ping the farmer and somehow restart the smart plug if no ping to fully automate it. Need to research though whether smart wifi plugs have a linux api


Good point. SpacePool too.

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First of all, try to fix your problem. Probbably you have a problem with your power suply.

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I have exactly same setup and working smoothly for past few months.

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thank you all for reply

My computer is multitasking. chia farming is just one of them. For this reason, applications such as flexpool, unfortunately, cannot offer me a solution.

ping is good idea but if pc restarted itself ping still arrive to pc. there will be only a few minutes of interruption. It is necessary to keep the ping time very short. so question is how can i do that?

I use free plan at https://healthchecks.io . If my computer stops pinging them, their service will notify me.

I use it to detect network breaks and shutdown. To monitor restart, I guess one could setup pinging so that it does not automatically continue after PC restarts.

disclaimer: I am not affiliated with healthchecks.io.

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that service i am seeking. i am greatful you help.
i regestered, it request some url but i dont understand well. can you help me a little bit more please? :slight_smile:
maybe i am asking too much help lol

Spacepool alerts if farm goes off line (along with invalid partials) but can be quite a lag in my experience

I rely on Farmr which notifies me almost instantly through Discord if my farm, any one of my harvesters or even a particular drive goes off line

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What prevents you from using flexpool as mining pool and installing the monitoring app on your phone?

I had the same problem and nowi ts over.

Hi, it’s fine to ask for more details :slight_smile: I have been busy with work, so my response is late.

People have already suggested tools that do the same job better. But if we want to explore healthchecks.io service, why not do it. If no other reason, then maybe just for fun.

Log in to healthchecks, create a project and add a “check” to your project. This should give a HTTP URL with your personal UUID, such as https://hc-ping.com/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx. Now setup how often you wish to request this URL. And set up one or more integrations for alerts, like Discord or Telegram.

I prefer curl for making HTTP request from command line. It comes with Windows 10, but I think it is not included in Windows 8. You can probably download it from curl for Windows . Just choose 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your Win 8. And place somewhere that windows finds it. Maybe in %windir% (C:\Windows)

Then create a text file and name it. I chose heartbeat.bat . Type this in the file and save:

@echo off

echo Start sending HTTP GET using curl every 10 minutes

curl https://hc-ping.com/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx > NUL
timeout /t 600 /nobreak > NUL
goto loop

Use your own UUID in the URL and change timeout value 600 seconds if you want something else than 10 minutes. I have no idea if that timeout command is reliable in cmd.exe, but it does seem to work in my windows 10 pc.

Test by opening command prompt CMD.EXE in the same directory and run heartbeat.bat
Healthchecks service page should show the pings coming in with timestamps.

If it works, it should work as long as you don’t close or CTRL+C the command window, and PC doesn’t restart.

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wow! i only missing bat file. that works right now. thank you so much!

can you send your chia adress please. i will send 0.1 to you. honestly you deserve more but i am not rich yet. :slight_smile:

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Aww, thanks for the kind offer, but I like to keep hobby as free :slight_smile: I’m happy to be one of many small farmers in Chia. It’s a nice project and I believe some day we will get some butter on our bread.