I am selling my 7 TB of plots

I got a farm that I was using when Chia came out, but no longer necessary, so if anyone is interested - I got a 7 TB worth of plots. I am not selling my HDD just the plots.

That is not even worth 5 dollars, why bother? I’ve seen people selling plots on this forum for 5 to 7 cents per plot…

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Is it April fools day?

PS. I can plot circa 60 TB a day, your plots only work with your keys, and therefore are worthless to others

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It appears that the whales are leaving Chia farming lol


Yeah this deal just keeps on getting better and better. First I buy a bunch of drives 100 tb create a bunch of plots and get $1 a day revenue. But my target was $3 a day so I’d hit a $100/month so I buy 200 tb more and got them filled with plots. Still not hitting my target. Then Flex.io announces their going out of business. Crap replot time. 2 weeks later I’m back on line with new plots and only getting $1.75 a day at first now a week later it’s down to $1.25. I guess to remain profitable you are in a constant state of adding drive space and plotting. But my funds are tapped out and I’m not adding any more drive space to a losing operation. I need a way to supplement my income for a longer duration than the 3 months I’ve been farming chia. Any alternatives?

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7 TB of plots are up for sale.


When you find the magic money tree, let me know where it is please :wink:


I’ll give ya 50 bucks
Thies are some high grade plots i assume?
Uncut? Pure?

Can I test one first?
if I like it I’ll buy the lot.


Ur funny bro. Hella funny. You should write a book about comedy. Sweet Jesus. U gotm u sure showed him… and him measly 7 tb.

Like are u a dick in real life too?

Not one person on here has taken the time to explain to this poor chap that his plots are literally less than worthless.
No one wants them.
Not special in any shape or form.
That it would be faster to just plot yourself than to download from him.

Maybe he’s actually confused and needs some guidance.

And ur atempt at something funny literally does nothing for this poor fool.

I see the internet is back up and working in Lower Slobbovia!


The hypocrisy is astounding.

And yours does?


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