I am selling my External Harddrives with 402 Plots 44TB (Ebay)

Hey guys,

someone wanne buy my drives? Here is the link to the auction: 44 Tb External HDD With 402 Chia Plots | eBay
You can recommend a price if you want maybe I accept.

You are asking 24 euros per tb (excluding shipping), which is more than it costs new.


Your feelings are about to get hurt. You’re not getting anywhere near that. Might be able to squeeze $200 each out of the 14’s and for the 8’s, MAYBE $100 each. Nobody is gonna want the plots and keys. You shouldn’t add anything to the price for that. Good luck.


A major reset of expectations and reality is in need. You would be fortunate to get 50% of your ask price. As mentioned above, No one cares about already chia plotted drives. It just adds uncertainty and complexity. The drives would get wiped immediately from another user.

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My calculation where:

290€ per 14 tb + 200€ per 8 tb + maybe a 100€ for the 402 plots.
so 25 cent per plot.

these drives are basicly new. just used for writting the plots on them.

but ok, thanks for the price hints. will consider them.

I paid total $196 for 8x 4TB toshiba canvio. Total 32 TB. Drives are 3 months old and fully healty. I must be lucky.

I’m not sure how it is in Europe. Not really sure where you’re at. Assuming Europe, but in the US, you can get a 14TB external from Best Buy for like $260 brand new. 8TB are definitely under $200. I just bought 25 14TB drives on the last sale at Best Buy for $200 each. As I said, I’m not sure if these kinds of prices are a thing where you are, but there are deals to be had. Sorry if I came off sounding like an asshole above. It’s not what I intended.

Sometimes it’s crazy how much people are paying on EBay, but I don’t think asking significantly more than for a new drive will work.

I think you will have a better chance if you setup individual realistic offers for the drives and discard the plots.

Smaller drives are significantly cheaper than bigger ones. Depending on energy costs buying bigger drives can pay off quite quickly.

I am aware. I’m running 45x USB and 20x sata connected to one PC without error. but disk cost is more important. Tech is expensive in my country. I’m at $22 per TB. Even bought some used drives.

Hey I decreased the price. Now 799€. You can recommend an price on ebay if you want.

I have sent you an offer via ebay.

I don’t pay more than $20/tb Canadian. Europeans pay a premium sadly.

I use flexfarmer so you just load the preplotted drives and direct the payout address to my own. From what I understand its a safe way to use preplotted drives. However, you do need the seed (or plot key) with the drives.