I can't see may chia token in wallet

i can’t see may chia token in wallet version 1.1.5 but i can see those tokens both in chia explorer and also on my second devices where is all version on chia app (1.0.0)
Could you help mi with this issue ?

Is your wallet sync’ed? If not just wait and you should be able to see them when it’s in sync.

the newest one (1.1.5) where i can’t see my token is 100% sync , but the old one where i see tokens (1.0.0) not now , but i can see it on chia explorer on my reward adress which i have the same in both wallets

Then you probably have different wallet addresses. If you go to Wallets tab in the GUI and compare the Receive Address values, do you see the same value?

adresses are the same , i think maybe it is somthing issue with local files of chia , maye i should update old version chia app on device where i can see tokens , but i wonder if this not disappre after update :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t touch the working system either. Maybe try a fresh install on the 1.1.5 system first.

Hope someone here will be able to help you.