I find that it is so hard to buy xch

I am planning to purchase 20xch this morning, and I used have a okex account, I log in and have a notice they are no longer offer service to people resident in Ontario. then I went to huibi, I check their term&conditions they also not support canada users. then I went to gate.io, I register a account, they ask me to kyc, I don’t like to kyc, so I checked if I can buy and withdraw without kyc, the result is deposit and buy is not a problem, but withdraw need kyc.
I am so tried about it , why is it so hard to buy xch? give me some advice bros.

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Hi Bud,

I’ve just had exactly the same issue, in the UK, every exchange that says it will sell Chia doesn’t seem to offer it after signing up. Not sure why or what to suggest .

Good luck!


Try Kucoin they offer XCH/USDT. But it most likely needs some form of KYC.

I am an Ontarian, and I use BKEX. It is quite good. You can use my referral link:
KYC is optional, NOT mandatory.
Alternatively, you can use forks.green. No KYC needed. This is the site for Chia Forks.

So this post is about your feelings about KYC, not that the many exchanges that handle XCH are making things ‘hard’?

Kyc ain’t gonna go away, just deal with it.
The states and their laws make it even harder for exchanges, it’s just a part and parcel of crypto now…

I have done the kyc in gate.io, I think it is the only way, and I transfered btc to gate.io and bought the xchs

both, I have done kyc in gate.io now, I don’t like to offer my info to some exchanges, but I think it is the only way