I got 26 TiB of plots for free!

Yesterday I picked up two refurbished 14 TB drives from my local microcenter. I get home, plug them in and see that they are both already completely filled with chia plots!

I think that microcenter needs to do a slightly better job on their refurbs! At least erase the damn things! :smiley:

Erased them both, they tested well, and now farming away though.

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Same story with me today.
But it’s was 18 TB


None of this makes any sense to me lol

Aren’t those plots worthless to you without the private key?


Yes. I was joking about it. It was funny to plug it in and find them there though - very confusing for a moment

So people realizing it’s not easy money and returning drives to the store to get there money back, before they have to explain to their wives they spent how much money on hard drives, that’s funny.