I have 500TB on Hpool and can I ask if I can connect to Flax

I have 500TB on Hpool and can I ask if I can connect to Flax while mining on Hpool, or I have to farm solo?thanks guys.

Flax works for me. You just need to start the Flax Client first, then the hpool miner else Flax can not read all plots.

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Im doing that to.

2 machines both running hpool cloent and flax gui on the same plots.

No problem

Thanks guys and one more question that I have 6 machine running same ID, and total is 500TB, can I open 6 Flax client and farm on same time as well, I mean I have one private key and separate disks on 6 machines, will Flax count them together or only one machine only. I run Hpool for Chia on those machine and no issue

I just did a test, the result shows:

Run Flax GUI, do a: “flax plots check”, all plots return valid and in good health.

Run Flax GUI, then run HPool miner, and do a: “flax plots check” (just like above), all plots return invalid, zero valid plot found (while passing filter seems doing fine).

Remove half of the directories from HPool miner. Run Flax GUI, then run HPool miner. All plots passing filter on Flax GUI. Do a: “flax plots check”, plot directories linked only with Flax GUI return valid, plot directories both to Flax and HPool miner return invalid.

Close HPool miner, restart Flax GUI, do a “flax plots check”, all plots return valid and in good health.

Now I have a doubt, even it seems working (plots passing filter on Flax), but if HPool miner is runing, plots are not fetching anything on Flax (?). Seems that is the case. We need more tests on this. Need somebody who won something while the same plots linked and running on both miners.

If it becomes valid that HPool miner goes a bit deeper into each plot file than the plot ID and makes them unusable for anything else “while in use”, then it’s pointless to run Flax or similar programs alongside.

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how to check if plots are valid or not, I see it filtering.

I open Flax, then hpool and I see plots gets filtering, wonder how to check if its valid or not?

cd C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Local\flax-blockchain\app-0.1.0\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon

flax plots check -n 5

2021-07-06T12:30:40.896 flax.plotting.plot_tools : INFO Loaded a total of 0 plots of size 0.0 TiB, in 2.370039939880371 seconds
2021-07-06T12:30:40.898 flax.plotting.check_plots : INFO
2021-07-06T12:30:40.898 flax.plotting.check_plots : INFO
2021-07-06T12:30:40.899 flax.plotting.check_plots : INFO Summary
2021-07-06T12:30:40.900 flax.plotting.check_plots : INFO Found 0 valid plots, total size 0.00000 TiB
2021-07-06T12:30:40.901 flax.plotting.check_plots : WARNING 859 invalid plots found:

Thanks, seems it not work. It seems work in flax GUI, but actually not work, right?

That’s the impression I get. HPool miner prevents for other uses.

You can rerun the test on one machine, on one drive after closing HPool miner and restarting Flax GUI, like (on F drive, for example, this drive must be already linked to Flax):
flax plots check -n 5 -g F:

I see, so if we need to mine Flax, we need to solo, and leave Hpool, correct

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Also, anywhere in the crypto system is there oylan coin that can be mined in multiple places with the same tools and manna falls from both places?

I am running both Flax Gui and hpool miner on two machines.

So far won 10 Flax, which is slightly ahead of my predicted time to win.

So for me at least running both is giving 0 problems

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Do you mean run Flax on virtual machines? How can you farm two coins via two machines using same disk?

Do you mean run Flax on virtual machines?

No sorry, not very clear

2 computers, both have their own disks with own plots.
Both computers are running hpool and flax on the plots on that computer.

Evidently on Windows and NTFS drives, so with that in mind, you can use icacls to perform a deny write on existing files in a directory, which means that any new files saved in the directory become “read only.” HPool obtains an exclusive read lock on the files. You can then assign the plot files to the system reserved account, which prevents your user account, even if you grant admin access via UAC (hpool asks for UAC on startup), any ability to exclusively lock the files. Alternatively you can mount the local directory on your machine as a network share via loopback, which again, denies hpool from being able to exclusive lock the files. You could also use something like File Locker to lock each file before you run hpool. This then prevents hpool from obtaining an exclusive lock. The downside is you have to run the File Locker at all times. Another alternative is to run hpool client under a different user account that does not have permission to read lock/write lock the plot files. Simply RunAs from the command prompt. For me, I simply created a network share of the plot directory on the local machine, set the share to read only, then did NET USE to mount that share to a drive letter that hpool can access.

Seeing the reply above about Windows, guess I should mention, I am running under Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu shouldn’t be a problem. No exclusive read-only locks and no sudo. I was directly addressing @ChiaMiner

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Hi guys, interesting happen, I have won 8 xfx in 12 hours with around 400~500TB plots with Hpool open, I don;t know why, but it happened…