I keep hearing that "AMD is capped to X plots." Why is this?

I’ve come across several threads on Reddit claiming that the performance on AM4 systems is capped vs. Intel. However, I’m unable to determine whether this is actually true, and if so, why? The threads usually say it’s a limitation of the “chipset.”

The AMD 5950x is 16 Cores 32 thread. What exactly is this ‘chipset’ limitation that would restrict the number of plots the machine can achieve? Why wouldn’t intel have a similar limitation?


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This is the main reference I’ve found

That said, you can do 50 plots/day on 5950x for sure, if you are on Linux and schedule everything just right with a very very fast disk (4 disk raid 0 Samsung 980 Pro).


Ah, I see. So technically a 10900k can outperform a 5950x if given the same amount of RAM (assuming under DDR4000 → 3200) and NVME storage? The intel platform would be several hundreds of $$ cheaper than AM4 as well.

Not sure why people are building 5950x systems in that case! I see a lot of them with DDR4-3000 Memory and 5950x


But it doesn’t support PCI 4.0, it is “only” 10c/20t, and max RAM speed is 3000Mhz … it would be a close call