I was sick of dealing with iowait as a bottleneck for the last week

So went with the nuclear option (a bit of an easter egg in there for you also @codinghorror :grin:):

Was struggling previously to get above 50-60% CPU utilization previously on a 5800x with 2 drives connected with lanes to the CPU and a third via the chipset, so upgrading this rig to have 5 ssds connected with lanes to the CPU (I’ll be using the other m.2 slot with a P4610 connected). So hopefully this will allow me to max out CPU usage a bit more.

Would anyone suggest eventually upgrading to a better CPU for this rig also? Potentially thinking about upgrading to a 5950x when it’s possible to find one.


ahh nice keyboard :wink:


Curious to know how much this helped. Looking forward to seeing an update with your results

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I don’t have hard stats, but from monitoring with glances before and after my average CPU usage has probably increased from around 60-70% to 95%, so CPU is definitely the bottleneck now. Still the occasional spike in iowait, but nothing like the constant 15-20% I was experiencing before.


I also have this ASUS HYPER card in both my ryzen 5950x machines (yes, I ordered another one… I am a glutton for punishment).

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I assume this was more than 5 days ago since it seems impossible to find them anywhere now? I think I may have actually got one of the last used ones from ebay.

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60-70% up to 95% seems like a great jump. Please do update if you see a noticeable increase in plots/day

I got a used one from Amazon warehouse a couple days ago, with a “thanks to you, this product got a second life” sticker, lol.

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Hi there,

I’m also having the same problem with High CPU IOWaiting, and came by this post.

After reading through this post, I’ve also just ordered a Hyper M.2 X16 Gen 4 Card V2 board, which should arrive by next week.

I’m wondering that what setup did you use to solve your iowaiting problem.

  1. Did you use raid on the m.2, if so what raid are you using?
  2. How many m.2 ssd do you have in total?
  3. Are you running with bitfield or not?
  4. What is your average time for 1 plot to be plotted before and after you’ve fixed your iowait?

Thank you.