I will buy plots. 300tb per day. We work from 200 plots per day. 0.05$ per piece

willing to buy plots. up to 3000 per day! You can use cloud infrastructures. AWS, google cloud, hetzner and others. we will help you with setting up automation of unloading
telegram @binot

Are you a middle man?

hello what do you mean?

A middle man would buy from one person and resell to another, thus they are in the middle.

no, everything will be created on my key

Then why not do it yourself? You say you will help them get set up on cloud infrastructure and then pay them to plot. Why not just set up what you need on cloud infrastructure and do it yourself?

because I only have 2 hands, I can’t do everything and everywhere

You dont have an automated plot process?

I can do 30+TB/day, but there is no fast enough Internet to upload anywhere.It makes me wonder how people expect commercial plotters to upload somewhere???

You need 4-8x HDDs in RAID to keep up. Unless, you live in datacenter I do not know anyone having 10Gb Internet at home

I will set up uploading to the cloud, I am not limited in incoming speed, only in your speed

yep, and that is where lies your problem :wink:

I do not know many people having 10Gb Internet at home :wink: I have fibre/coax 1000/100Mb

Your second issues is 0.05$/plot - that is how you can do it at home if you know how :wink: The usual price is > 0.1$/plot