If you have WD OR SG external HDD, proven tip to lower the temperature

My external HDDs are close and inside their plastic boxes, with temperatures close to 60 Cº, I tried removing some of the plastic box and the temperatures dropped below 50 Cº, without adding a fan, those plastic boxes enhance the heat, impiricantly it check, the ones that I took kept constantly temperatures below 50 Cº, this is a contribution based on my experience and it will increase the useful life of your HDD


Is your room very hot?
50c is still pretty damn hot if you ask me.

My external drives are running around 45_49 and normal drives, open air without active cooling, are running 35-39.

So same difference bit 10 degrees lower overall

My 13 external HDDs are very close and in their plastic boxes (with active cooling from below) and are 29-33 Cº. So 30Cº dif in their cases, 20 Cº less than no case / no cooling.

I would want mine less than 50Cº (122Fº), forget 60Cº, in any event if only for drive longevity’s sake.

It may also depend on not just brand, but also models. The WD I have have more and bigger holes on three sides (those smaller sides), so any airflow will help them. On the other hand, some of my SG have those holes just on one side, and that is at the bottom (SG Desktop).

what is “with active cooling from below”?

Here you go >


If I add that it will go down even more

lol, or simply if all your systems are in a single room add an airco although has to be ‘dry air’ or you gonna kill all … humidity is a killer for electronic components…

Often cheaper to simply buy than do it yourself with failures or not, especially if it’s a room just for mining crypto or in this case farming…

My WDs are all between 33-41C within an airflow and wo case (extracted from USB case).
My Toshibas are all at 29-41C - those were all internal drives.

Temp in the room is 24C constant (air con).

Of course you have fans this option is WITHOUT FANS, now imagine also adding fans

Careful they don’t drop below 25 come winter, that will also shorten their lives.
Id magine removing fans etc would do the job unless you you live somewhere that gets proper cold.

Just make sure it’s dry air, humidity is a killer for electronic components as good the airflow might be …

my last 2TB bunch of WD discs were running 10 years 24/7 within the same room/rack. Hope to see same numbers now on the new ones.