Im brand new to farming

I have been farming for 10 days and It went from farming to syncing and I dont know what that means.

Hey there!

What system are you running on, and specifically your OS? One thing you can do is change your logging level to INFO or ERROR and then look at the logs and see if there’s anything obvious going on.

Also, what version of Chia are you running?

Looking into this further, are you showing any peers in the app connected? Seems like, from the github issues page, others are wrestling with the same syncing challenge.

I have 5 plots on the NUC and im using windows. It says farming now. Expected rewards is 5 months. Is this normal for the amount of plots im doing?

I also want to know if I have to do the updates manually or do they go automatic?

The real problem is I am the only person I know doing this. I need an introduction to low level people like me. Any help is extremely appreciated