I'm now really done plotting... if anyone likes some help, I can help you 50 cents per plot

I’m now really done plotting… if anyone likes some help, I can help you speed up a bit with 50 cents per plot


do u got some storage where i can download?

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How do you plan to get plots to people? Assuming you’re on a residential ISP package, if you start trying to upload constantly you’ll attract the wrong kind of attention.

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I’m thinking getting a 2TG Google Drive package.
If you already have something like that, I’ll upload them to the shared folder.
Either way, you delete the ones downloaded so I can see the available space.

Just my 2 cents here: Problem with Google Drive is that they throttle and bandwidth cap per day. They limit your download speed and QOS is not guaranteed also. Note that I do not have the need for any plots, I am just offering advice.

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Hurd of mhddfs? makes life heck alot easier… if u weren’t done that is… and may be linux only thing. I dunno/ congrats tho.

If use network transmission, we are professional.

The main costs of this service are network bandwidth and storage.

I think you @ChiaMiner can provide some local services or mail the hard disk, but the risk is relatively high, mainly because the hard disk may be damaged during the mail process, and there are many complaints and disputes

Yes, mailing is complicated. I started replotting my disks again, no time for others.
Just before replotting, one guy in my local area came to drop a few disks to be filled, and he got my message when they were ready for pick-up. (Hope it’s that easy every time :slight_smile: )
In about a week (10 days max), I’ll be done with replotting. Might do some pool-plotting for others. Will do something like 10 euros per 4TiB (about 36 plots).

Today I’m here.