I'm selling 3 x NEW 14TB drives [Seagate Expansion Desktop] [EUROPE]

Hey farmers!

I recently managed to buy some drives, but finally I’ve decided that I’m not going to plot most of them, cause my plotting speed is too low and the netspace is growing so fast. So, I’m selling 3 of those units.

The price is 1100€ for the 3 DRIVES (~26€/TB). I do not sell them separately.

I’ve shucked a few of those same drives and all came with an Exos X16 inside.

I’m from Europe (Spain), so I prefer to ship only to Europe.
If anyone is interested PM me for more details!

I accept payment in crypto.

Good luck farming!! :man_farmer:

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Don’t take this personally, man

Even I need a disk, I have absolutely no hint of difficulty to have it shipped at my door tomorrow at these prices in the screen shots

The price is for the 3 drives. 1100/3 = 366€ per drive

I think it’s fair. Lower than your market price. The drives I’m selling are unused. Sealed.

@ChiaMiner @novosti

First, Amazon Spain capped the few external hard drives in stock (like the ones you posted) to only 2 per customer, I’ve just checked and in France is capped too. I’m selling 3.

Second, the drives I’m selling are brand new, shipping to all Europe. I can provide bill and have Official Seagate Warranty until 30 June 2023.

Third, as you can see in the screenshot, the 12TB version of the drives I’m selling is right now for 370€ (31€/TB). I’m selling the 14TB for 366€ (26€/TB).

So, I’m not trying to scam anyone like you guys suggested in your posts. I think my price is fair, I’m selling the drives barely break even to me, just because I don’t longer need it.

If you aren’t interested in the offer please at least be respectful to others…

Best wishes!

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OK. Can offer you 200 euros for one. Or 600 for 3

dude, be respectful.
not even before shortage those drives cost 200€…

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This price is fair, why people acting like this? :roll_eyes:
Not interested in the drives but good luck with your sale :+1:


Because they are crazy if they think that NEW 14 TB WD cost 200 EUR. :grinning:

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Any escrow service accepted ?

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