Incident: Cold wallet self pooling

Chia Version 1.2:
I have a cold wallet, I created there a new pool contract for self pooling,
how to use this contract with my main Harvester and Hot Wallet???
without a Pool URL? I just have the xch self pooling contract address:


By definition, a cold (=not active) wallet is for “receiving funds only”. You don’t do anything else with it, like creating plots, etc.

For your harvester and farmer, you would use your hot (=active) wallet. When creating a plot, on the Plot NFT section, you can chose either self or a pool, and it creates an NFT accordingly.

But my rewads with the hot wallet pool contract will payed out to my hot wallet! I don’t want this!
It should go instant to my cold wallet.

another think, i don’t use the inbound plotter, i use madmax

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You yourself send it immediately from “hot” to “cold” wallet. Pools pay to the wallet attached.

pooling rewards wont be send to my cold wallet!!!

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That’s right. You can set there your cold address but it’s only for old plots and 0.25 XCH. Any change there does not effect reward from pools. Pools pay directly to the address that new plots are attached to.

Yes and thats the reason why i need to add my cold wallet pool address to my hot wallet harvester.

Cause if i use hot wallet pooling address my rewards won’t be send automatic to my cold wallet and other people can steal my coins

if i click on claim rewards there ist my hot wallet address, and i cant change it. Or make it as automatik transfer to cold wallet

From discord:

tozzer Today at 11:12 AM

i assume that relates to this bit of config. it isnt clear what the format of ‘payout_instructions’ should be in the file Pooling User Guide · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

“If you are self-pooling, you will additionally need to claim your rewards after winning a block. This can be done from the GUI or CLI as well. There is no time limit for this, but if you do not claim your rewards before switching to a pool, the pool will be able to claim those rewards, and you will lose these funds.”

i don’t want this in my hot wallet, people can steal my coins with access to my computer or 24 words key.
its not secure

Here is this part, I’m not sure how it works, but the Chia user guide states:

The 1.75XCH gets paid out to the pool, and the payout instructions that the pool will use to pay you can be set in the config file in the pool_list section.

Pool_list section, wherever that is.

so i plot now to my hot wallet solo pooling contract, and If the Pool starts i can change it by adding pool URL right?

What if i want leave the pool and continue farming solo? Possible to switch back?

Yes, you can swap back or swap pools.

I’m not sure how, but thats the whole point of the new pooling code, to allow portable plots.

Exactly this discussion is in the pools subchat of the official chia keybase chat…
Checkout chia_network.public on keybase!

So to set a different receive address for your plot NFT, you need to edit your config.yaml manually.
The required setting is payout_instructions in plot_list under pool.
Your config.yaml should look like:

  - ...
    payout_instructions: 43039b80ecf8f9561e63a3f3d71ebd84878794f8205f101b51b4b9b2b4769d69

This option is your puzzle hash of your receive address of your plot NFT.
To convert puzzle hash to receive address and vice versa one can use:
To verify this, you can first convert the current payout_instructions (puzzle hash) to a receive address and check if this is one of your receive addresses.
If you’re convinced, then convert a receive address (of your cold wallet) to a puzzle hash and set the payout_instructions to your new puzzle hash.
Restart your farmer and your solo/pool NFT rewards should end up in your cold wallet.
Keep in mind that if you’re solo farming, you have to claim your rewards manually to get it in your cold wallet.

Edit: If you have multiple plot NFTs, you have to identify the correct entry by the launcher_id of your plot NFT!


So I’ve set payout_instructions to my cold wallet after I joined a pool and until now the dashboard of the pool website shows the old payout address but chia plotnft show does show the correct payout address of the cold wallet.
Has anybody changed the payout_instructions after he joined a pool and has received rewards to the new address?
I thought that the payout instructions is sent to the pool operator with every submitted partial, but looks like this info is only exchanged if you join a pool.

For self pooling NFT it should always work if I’m right.

Edit: Joined another pool and now it seems that the new payout_instructions are used…

Is this working fine or any issues with that? Thanks for the research!

According to chia plotnft show it shows the configured receive address of my cold wallet.
I’ve my first payout probably tomorrow and can report if it’s gone to my cold or farmer wallet.


following this, please post the results when possible

Payout to cold wallet has worked. :slight_smile:
Ensure to join a pool after you changed the payout instructions as I’m not absolutely sure if the payout info is only transmitted on a join or on every partial.
But I think this could be easily verified by looking at the pooling code changes.


Hello, thank for the update. Is this payout instruction configured on the full-node, the farmer or the wallet you used to join the pool?