Installing new Chia 2.1.2

I mined Chia for a few years, then stopped in April 2023 because it failed to synch and just have not had time to trouble shoot and dedicate time to figure out went wrong. So like all things, sometimes it is better to just start over. I have my seed phrase, so I figure I would just delete the old 1.x version and download and install the new 2.1.2 version…then just enter seed to get my wallet and resynch my farms. However after downloading and installing 2.1.2 it gets to starting services Full Node and the circle just spins and spins for hours. Now I know it takes some time to synch but I am not at that page yet…is this normal or am I missing something. Running Windows 11…haven’t touched any port settings since it mined back in 2022.

Iirc , i usually get that with db corruption.
Being as you have no db that shoukdnt be the case.

Have you tried downoading the db and trying to use that?
Will save you from needing to sync for so long.

Usually there is no need to delete an old version.
You just install the new version, and it takes care of everything.

How did you delete the old 1.x version?