Internet needs to farm chia

Hi, I have been running into issues farming with my system. I use a satellite internet business connection from WiLine) that looks very good on paper (speedtest) 200Mbps up and 200Mbps down but that is unstable and creates a lot of stale (83%!). I can’t move my system and there are no other internet providers in the area (close to downtown Los Angeles) and after making some research I found out about using an enterprise 5G modem/router using Verizon that has a strong signal in the area. I would have to install a few antennas on the office building but it promises amazing speeds. Does anyone has experience using 5G internet? is it stable enough for Chia farming? they’re saying that there is very low latency with 5G High-band (mmWave) and since the modem is very expensive $5k+ I was wondering if anyone knew if it was compatible with the farming before I purchase it? thanks


I use T-Mobile Home Internet (wireless) with zero problems.

I also have Comcast as an option, but it’s more expensive and I don’t feel like doing the wiring (the contractors will not wire the proper way for insurance reasons and labor cost — which is down through the wall space from the attic).

Edit: here is a picture of my WiFi interface traffic.

I think you need to find the real reason.

In fact, if you have synchronized the database, if you only do farming, then 5-10mbps is enough.

If the network packet is lost too seriously, it will not work.

Increasing the number of fullnode outbound links can improve the stability to a certain exten

FWIW I’m farming via Starlink with zero issues.

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I am farming with mobile internet with no issue. One of my full nodes (my working laptop at my workplace) only has 1/5 of signal strength (according to my phone). However, I am still farming without any issue.

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Look at this guy farming from space! Are you even on Space Pool?? :yum:

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Have you ruled out any problems with your setup ? It’s possible that the shares are stale because of reading spead from your hard drives inside your farm.

Of course I am! Lol :rofl::rofl:

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The internet requirements for Chia are very, very low. What you’ve described here is more than adequate.

Check your wi-fi (or network card) settings. Disable any power saving measures and crank it up to full performance mode.

It was the problem for me and eliminated almost all stales. The internet channel was 60 down / 6 up (cable)

I use 4G, mine, watch netflix and surf at the same time!

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That does not look like an Internet problem to me.
Tell us more about what hardware you are using since it may be another latency issue such as slow NAS access speed.

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