Introducing our SpaceFarmers Community Node

Dear Chia Farmers,

This week we launched our SpaceFarmers Community Node; an open load-balanced proxy that allows farmers to trustlessly connect to a remote node instead of running their own full node.

Our community node is built with some specific use-cases in mind, for which running the full node can be a pain:

  • Farmers running on low spec equipment, for whom running a full node during heavy network use (like the dust storm) leads to difficulties;
  • Small farmers for whom running a full node represents a disproportional power consumption;
  • The intermittent solar-power farmer, who benefits from instant sync on power-up.
    Furthermore, any farmer that needs to do maintenance to the full node can temporarily use our Community Node.

We urge any farmer outside this scope to run a full node yourself if you have the capabilities to do so, as a large number of properly operating full nodes is the optimum for network decentralisation!

How does it work?
1 The farmer connects through the SpaceFarmers Community Node
2 The farmer receives signage points, as he would from his own full node, instantly (no sync time required).
3 When the farmer finds a block, the Community Node feeds the mempool logic to the farmer, the block gets signed by the farmer, and then is forwarded to the Community Node, who propagates it to the network.

The Community Node is used to send signage points to your farmer and eventually propagate your blocks to the network. The node does NOT sign your blocks, YOU do. We are using a completely unmodified node from Chia Network’s codebase, only using facilities already present in the code, without the need to download any other closed software.

If you would like to learn more or discuss anything related to the SpaceFarmers Community Node, find us in Discord.

And if you don’t know us yet, come check our pool out at, where we aim to provide farmers with advanced statistics to monitor their farms effectively!