Invalid Plot when HDD move to another PC- FUUNY

I have A n B n C PC.

-PC A create plot to a FULL 16TB HDD and farm with Hpool no problem BUT Under Chia App or Flax become invalid.
-Move HDD to B , HPool Valid and so does Chia APP n Flax
-Move HDD C PC , Hpool Valid BUT Chia APP n Flax INVALID
-Move HDD back to A PC , Using Network mount Drive FROM B PC access to A PC , Hpool Valid BUT chia APP n Flax Invalid ( PC-B Running chia app )

  • Move HDD to B PC , Using network mount Drive FROM A PC access to B PC> It become VALID ON chia APP n Flax ( PC-A Running chia app ). I AM LOST here…WHY IF HDD Physical stay in B PC , it become VALID in A PC. BUT IF i Physically Move the HDD to A PC it become Invalid ONLY on Chia APP n Flax but valid on Hpool.

NOT ONLY 1 HDD , i am referring move the 10PC of Brand new 16TB HDD all having this funny problem,…

Two conditions:

  1. This HDD must be present in the miner directory. If not, you have to add it before checking plots.

  1. When “plots check”, HPool must be closed.

thanks my problem solve. Silly me i forgot to turn off Hpool… i actually formatted my windows because of this problem. I am so silly, anyway thanks alot. Cheersss

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No problem.

That is the reason it’s useless to double mine (even Flax), HPool prevents plot file access. Maybe the best reason to move out from HPool.