Is Chia Farming (Not plotting) only read hard disk?

Wait, Let me elaborate so that I can get more precise answer
Well first of all Thanks to look here.
2nd after plotting in hard disk; for verification of a transaction, chia only reads the given table inside the plot and use it’s formula or chia even update the plot data inside.

Summary:- Does chia Only calculate with the given plot files or even update those plots files?

Farming (=mining) Chia is reading data only and it is not even intensive.
It does not update any plot file.
When a drive is filled with plot files and hooked up to look for xch, there is not much happening.

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So you mean when the drive is done with plot files it doesn’t take any more storage, like no more storage access for writing only reading after completing plot files. I can use rest space to maybe store my personals?

Yes, you can do that.

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Well Nice to see good people like you here, btw I have seen few people having issues with the incoming transaction. like chia explorer shows there is balance but their wallet didn’t get. Is it a bug or something?

If using Linux you can even mount the drives as Read-only and farming will still work as intended.

When mounted as read-only you can’t accidentally remove any plots. Also, if you are simultaneously farming some dubious Chia forks, the plots will be safe from modification

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Thanks mate :+1: I like your explanation.

It is recommended to send your rewards to a cold wallet address. However, you have to put this into the “manage farming rewards” settings of the farm tab of the gui, and again on the pool tab under “edit payout instructions” on each plot NFT you are using. If you are self pooling you have to manually claim the 1.75XCH, that would otherwise go to the pool operator to share, if you win a block.

Other than that there shouldn’t be any major issues to getting rewards apart from needing a modest but stable internet connection, having sufficient resources on your farmer/s and making sure your equipment is basically functional.