Is Chia Network Inc. currently selling xch?

Is Chia Network Inc. currently selling xch?

Since last Saturday, every time there has been a surge in the price of xch, there has been a dump.

If Chia Network inc. is currently selling xch to stabilize it’s price, why not wait for it to rise to wherever the market will take it then sell incrementally to stabilize it at that higher price?


you can tracker the pre-farmed xch here:
Chia Network pre-farm tracker (


If even one of those coins move inverters would get scared and the price will crash.
Especially since they promised that those coins will never be sold.
They only exist to give the Chia company value on paper.
Though I would think if the Chia company goes bankrupt they would be sold anyway and the whole thing would collapse.
Let’s hope those coins never move.

(You can see similar patterns in other big wallets in many different coins)
(People watch them closely because it can have a big impact on coin price)