Is ChiaDog safe to use?

I have approx 40 plots all done through the GUI…
I checked the debug log and see lots of errors…
Hopefully most are not a problem
But it would be nice to know for sure

I am trying to get my head around CLI

But, in the meantime is ChiaDog safe to use???

My dog doesn’t mind it.

On a more serious note, I haven’t heard of ChiaDog until I just looked it up. Sounds like a useful program. As long as you’re not giving it your private key, you should be fine. Once I switch over to a Linux build I’m definitely going to try it out.


In my opinion? No. Run a single plot at the command line first to get a sense of how it all works. Just one. single. plot. That’s all. Just that. One plot. Simple, simple, simple.

Once you’ve done that, and you have a single plot from the command line, try running two powershell windows, and :two: plots at once. That’s all. Just two plots. Run those two plots with a sleep command in front so they don’t start at the same time, so they are spaced out by {x} seconds. Or do it old school, set a timer on your watch and wait 30 / 60 minutes, then open a new powershell window 30 / 60 minutes later.

Next… three plots. I think you can see where this is going :wink:

Once you’ve done that and feel comfortable, then use a tool like ChiaDog.


Is this because you think it’s better someone learns the underlying commands to plot or you don’t think it’s actually safe? I agree with you and why I’m forcing myself to plot and monitor via the cmd util, but after looking over ChiaDog it just seems like a harmless monitoring tool.

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I think it’s best to experiment with the plot command yourself a bit first, so you can see there is no special magic there… I’m not against the ChaiDog tool at all, I think it is fine!

I am an advocate of understanding what it is you’re doing, and running a single plot at the command line first lets you understand that in the best and simplest way IMO :wink:


I think there might be a misunderstanding about what ChiaDog does - it’s not a plotting managment tool like Plotman or Swar.

ChiaDog is a watchdog that watches your farm and sends you notifications if seek times are too long, if your farmer is offline, etc. There’s also a nice summary notification every day that shows your average seek times, how many new plots you added, whether you found any proofs, etc.


Chiadog only needs read-access to your debug.log file. That’s it. So you’re free to run the chiadog process under a different user account with limited permissions, or even on a different computer if you send your log file elsewhere. So it can be made completely safe, even if you don’t trust it.


Don’t run anything on your node in a way that it could access your private key. I stupidly ran chiadog under my normal user account I run chia with about a week ago, so I skimmed the source and dug into the author’s profiles a bit. It looked ok to me at the time, but I don’t code in python and I was dumb enough to run it without isolating it, so you probably don’t want to take my word for it. Lol.

Running it via Docker with access to debug.log only seemed the easiest to me and that’s what I do now.

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I just installed this and I’m looking forward to being able to distance myself a bit from my powershell window. Also, I have had some random challenge response slow times. Nothing bad, the most I have seen is 9 seconds but that is very very rare. Only seen that once. But this will allow me to see all of these instances and maybe help determine what may be causing it. Maybe see a pattern.

And as someone mentioned, I also took a look through the code for it an didn’t see anything that would be suspicious. But there is a lot of code. Normally, when someone posts their code on Github for the world to see, they aren’t going to try to sneak in some malicious code. Someone will find it sooner or later.

Did you get ChiaDog to work on Windows? For me it just keeps yelling at me that my farmer is offline. But it isnt.

No I ‘chickened out’
I know enough to realize that I don’t know enough to even try this yet…

Yeah maybe just a peek at the debug.log from time to time. Thats what I do for now since I can‘t get chiadog to run. I‘ll eventually try chiamon or maybe get my own scripts going.