Is Filling hard drive to maximum 99.9% is a terrible idea

I feel your pain. I’ve had similar experiences. A handful of people doesn’t represent much when you consider the net space. However in this forum? That’s a different matter. There are nice people and helpful people but enough oddities to make me scratch my head. I can tell from your various posts that you do have insight and knowledge. But yes I would agree there is a certain tone here most times that is the opposite of friendly and inviting. Not that regulars would know. Therein lies the problem. On this particular situation with the hard drives, I see both perspectives however Chia themselves should be the guiding light. Which they are not. If they speak to a subject, which they have regarding space left on drives, then they need to be 110% correct and accurate. Otherwise it’s called a farce.

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Those words would be more productive if applied to the person that told others to “look it up”.

Not everyone knows that.
They read what they read.

We also should look out for each other, by identifying BS to help others avoid the BS.
Pointing out BS helps others learn, which is the goal you espoused.

You are vocal at telling others when they are wrong. Why have you done so if everyone should look things up for themselves?

Helping each other is not a forum obligation. it is altruistic. Some people are better helped via hand holding. Providing that help should not be scorned.

That is a viable option, when name calling is involved. I had not considered that option, because I don’t care if someone calls me names. Honestly, I would not want someone to be banned for calling anyone a name, unless it is profane and vile. Free speech will always have name callers.

OP is a piece of poo troll. Do not waste your time.


If you’re still a member here after posting that, it says something about the forum governance (or lack thereof).

Can I get one of these for Xmas
1ES1885 WD SE4U102-102 1836TB (102x18TB) Ultrastar Data102 SAS Drive E – Network Outlet

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Edited to comply to language restrictions :innocent:

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At today’s price you’ll pay for it in 54 months (not including electric, or plotting time/expense). No one in crypto wants to wait 4.5 years for profitability sadly.

Still doesn’t change the person you are. Takes a lot more work than an edit to be a decent human being.

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My 5PB farm and 600+ disk array, where every disk journaling was disabled and 0% reserved would disagree with your baseless statement.


That sounds perfectly reasonable.
I’ll bet you see no issues.

How are you wrangling your drives together?
Or do u address them one by one?
What format?
Do first partition your drives?
Are they usb connected?

What os.

How do you know there isn’t a problem. Check summing? Zfs? Smart.

Hard drives can hide bad data. And it will be just fine.
Till I poke at the corruption.

Who’s trolling who?

Cause all I see is u pop up randomly.
Say something disrespectful

Than dip?

Your a troll with ur
fake lil pic
and nothin worth while to add to anyones conversation.

Ur boring

16 internal drives, 15 mounted in 5 bay Supermicro cage with removable caddies. Other internal drive is mounted in an Icy dock 5.25" caddie. All these are connected by HBA & expander.

5 WD Elements USB drives mounted on a 3D printed 2 x 120mm fan holder, during warmer weather I add two more fans on top of the USB drives.

Window 10 Pro, running StableBit Scanner and StableBit DrivePool (2 drives configured as a pool for our other data, spare space is used for plots)

StableBit Scanner regularly scans drives, if there’s ever a problem it will email me :wink:

All formatted to NTFS.

Drives are a single partition, except for my NVME drives which are used for OS, another pool for documents etc.

Personally I think the first post in this thread is rather confused. I think it hints at defragmenting drives, which requires some space to work, but if a drive is filled with plots in one go, it will never become fragmented.


Sorry, We should have started this thread with, there is no such thing as common sense, because if there were everyone would have it! Now you know why you chose to put jr in your name.

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None of these common sense ‘things’ mentioned by the OP exist.

Unsure on Linux, but Windows doesn’t journal (any more); data is already ‘in-line’ by writing plot one at a time to the disk; and so there are no fragmented ‘bits’; partitions don’t possess a easy or hard attribute; there is not 'increased io, there is only io on what is there;; ur Windows boot disk can’t perform as an OS when the drive is full, because it can no longer write to the disk…which has exactly nothing to do with anything as these a static plot disks, not boot disks.

Bottom line, nothing to talk about except that the original premiss of concerns is nonsensical.


Hahahahaha windows doesn’t journal. Filesystem journal buddy

This is how I k ow this has to all be a joke

How Does NTFS Journal? The NTFS change journal creates a log of any added, deleted, or modified files. The biggest advantage of the NTFS system is that all journaling is done before any changes are made to the disk…

Did they stop this practice in windows 11?

Or is ntfs the same as it always has Ben

Why does I
This place spread just terrible advice posed as good advice.

Ruthless forum

We’re talking about a physical drive not an ssd. Where thies problems don’t exist.

You can’t all just continue to discredit me without presenting any argue ment other than
Your wrong

It’s sad. Bunch of sheeps and wolfs.

Baaanbaaa :sheep: Of course you’re right. My bad. Thanks for the correction. What about the rest of your useless issues?

You said it nicely at the end there.

do you have any form of redundancy in your pool in case of disk failure. Or some type of jbod that aloees a single partition among many drives?
Cause if it is a single partition over many drives of u have a drive failure.
The data on the entire partition could corrupt?
And have to reformat all.
What software are u running to do this?

Just a lil more clarifications.

Really this place is just to rich.
I can find a good laugh here every day.

I just wana be a shepherd. I have no I’ll intent

But if anyone I don’t care who you are think ur 100% right on how a computer works from every angle than that’s thier biggest mistake.

There are just to many layers of abstraction

And there’s aalllot of thies people on here.
False prophets


Should be kinda telling how quickly my posse of negativ people showes up.

That there is a massive farce on this forum.