Is it okay to farm with full nodes with the same key, in different networks?

For example I have 4 standalone networks with different public IPs, and I’m farming with one full node under each network & different plots (and harvesters maybe), but all with the same key.

Is this possible? Will there be any problem? What would happen if luck hits one of these nodes? Only the GUI of this node would show it got XCH, or all of them would show such msg?

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Yes, this is what I do, w/o remote harvesters. It’s not quite as efficient as remote harvesters (need full blockchain on all nodes) and it’s arguably not as secure (your key on multiples) but I preferred it in these early days because it was simpler to set up and less prone to bugs.

When one of your nodes hits the lottery, it’ll eventually show up on the others when their wallets sync. I simply check here,<wallet_receive_addr> and monitor all nodes using GitHub - retzkek/chiamon: Example Chia monitoring stack, as the truth.

That’s interesting as all consensus so far indicates that you will get syncing errors on uPnP connections to port 8444 on the same network. Somewhere I read that there will be switching going on or something to that degree.
So my initial reaction is no.
But most end up doing dedicated port forwarding on 8444 for harvester node , so technically its possible as long as uPnP is off.

He’s on different networks, no?

ah yes my mistake he did say “network’s” with IP’s , I didn’t assume that as the 4 x Router for his ISP. I assumed 4 IP addresses, on a network. my mistake.

no worries, i thought i misread it myself and was too quick with the reply as i try to quickly plow through the forum to keep up while trying to help others with the issues i went through in the beginning. --joe

Oh that IS so helpful, thanks buddy!

Yes different routers to the ISP, so I assume there’s nothing to do with upnp right? As long as they would not cause conflict on the mainnet

yeah different routers shouldnt confuse the port at all.