Is it possible to cheat a pool keeping an amount for yourself?

Sometimes, the system store this information in the logs.

pool.collect_pool_rewards_loop():369 - Not claimable amount: 10.50
pool.collect_pool_rewards_loop():420 - Not buried amounts: 1.75

After few minutes the system stores the following information.

Wrong target puzzle hash: -----------
Singleton is not assigned to this pool

pool.collect_pool_rewards_loop():369 - Not claimable amount: 12.25
pool.collect_pool_rewards_loop():420 - Not buried amounts: 0.00

What does it mean?
People say a farmer has left the pool and its amount can not be claimed by the pool.

Is it possible a farmer to keep whole amount if he left before the amount be claimed by the pool?

What will happen if such farmer back to the pool?
Will it be able the pool to claim that amount and share it with all farmers?

If your talking about nft plots then no, it takes time ( 30 mins iirc ) to swap the contract payout address.
The address that can claim the 1.75 is decided purely on that alone.

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Yeah. I mean, nft plots and a public pool.
There are more than 10 not claimable coins and they rise periodically.
It seems, the reason are big farmers that left the pool more than 10 days ago.

Is it normal to receive information about an amount when those farmers win a block?
They are not part of our pool more than 10 days.

I would assume that would depend on the pooling code used.
Not pooling I have no reference to compare.