Is there a discord for chia farming?

Hi im new to the forums and chia, was wondering if there is a chia discord?

There’s Keybase: Keybase

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I’ve never heard of this before, i am new to farming. Thank you ill give this a look into.

There is now: Note that it’s not an official community - that one is only on Keybase from @roybot’s link, this is a comminity which is a pool (or will be a pool, at least, once pools open).

There’s a chia farmers union telegram.
Besides that the 4 most active chia places on discord are the chia blockchain one, flexpool one, red panda one, spacepool one, and poolchia one.

I’ve posted the links below:
Farmers Union Telegram
Chia Blockchain
Red Panda
Pool Chia

There’s many. It’s a shame the Chia team is hiding behind keybase, but having been on such teams I can’t blame them trying to fend off the riffraff by making them jump some hurdles :wink: